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We offer you high quality texts that are created individually according to your specifications and wishes. Our offer includes the production of sample templates for term papers & term papers, bachelor and master theses, diploma theses and dissertations. In addition, we can assist you in your scientific work with a proofreading, a copy-editing and a plagiarism check.


The semester is nearing its end and the exam phase is getting closer and closer. You should already have started preparing for the exams, but you still have to write several chores? We support you. You can ask our academic ghostwriters to write a sample of a term paper. Make an easy and uncomplicated request without obligation.


Seminar papers usually have to be written as a written examination during a seminar. The extent and the demand for a seminar paper is usually still manageable, which is why it serves more as an exercise in more complex scientific papers such as the bachelor thesis or master thesis. Nevertheless, the time required for a seminar paper should not be underestimated.


The Bachelor – the first academic degree that can be achieved while studying. Prerequisite for starting a master’s program or the entry ticket to working life. But before the bachelor is awarded, a bachelor thesis has yet to be prepared. A scientific work in which a specific topic or question from the bachelor’s program is to be analyzed in more detail. For many students, this first extensive scientific work is a major hurdle.


Five years of study. That’s how long it usually takes to write the master’s thesis and the successful completion of the degree is in sight. Five years packed with exams, chores, term papers, bachelor thesis and above all: little time. Unfortunately, this will not change during the preparation of the Master’s thesis. However, to avoid losing your head, you can get qualified support from our company.


The diploma thesis is to be equated with the master thesis according to the requirements and the scope. However, a bachelor’s thesis is not previously written in a diploma program, which is why the diploma thesis is usually the first extensive and complex scientific work. Many students are therefore initially overwhelmed. Get help from a professional agency like our company in such a situation. We support you, for example, by having our academic ghostwriters write a sample of a thesis. Make an easy and uncomplicated request without obligation.


A doctoral thesis is linked to high standards. On the one hand, the author should prove that he is capable of independent scientific work. On the other hand, a doctoral thesis should include new scientific findings. If the doctoral candidate is employed at a university or a state research institution, he can usually count on specialist support in the form of group leaders or postdocs. Supervision by special graduate centers is also steadily increasing. On the other hand, there are numerous doctoral candidates who write their dissertation externally and on their own.


With our large team of experienced academic ghostwriters, we manage to cover almost any scientific discipline. Thus, we can also competently support you in projects in less popular study programs, such as renewable energies or molecular biology. Your job will always be handled by a professional academic ghostwriter who is an expert in the field and has many years of experience in writing science. This fact allows us to offer you fast, reliable and high quality services.

The following list serves as an overview of the most common disciplines. If you need support, then request a non-binding offer quickly and easily.

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